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Net injection of Inter State Generating stations (ISGS)/BBMB generating stations & net drawal of State Utilities using Special Energy Meters (SEMs)

(i)            The sign convention of power flow recorded by meters is positive for flow out of bus-bar and negative for power flow into the bus-bar. However, for meters on LV/HV side of Generator Transformers, the meters have actually been connected so as to read positive for power flow into the HV bus-bar.

(ii)          Net injection/drawal at any location is algebraic sum of meters (including sign) on all feeders/ICTs/GTs listed with that location.

(iii)         Net drawal of State Utilities would be algebraic sum of drawals at all the locations listed for that utility.

(iv)        Multiplying factor to be applied with standby meters is to compensate for transmission/transformation losses & would depend upon voltage level (1.5 % for 400 kV, 3% for 220 kV lines & 4% for 132 & below lines) as agreed by Commercial Committee of NREB in its 105th meeting held on 08.03.2001. 

(v)          State Utilities would also be required to send daily readings of the Existing Conventional Meter (ECM) along with time of outages of some LV feeders listed with respective states to NRLDC on a weekly basis. (SEMs on these feeder have not been installed in view of negligible/ constant power flows).

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